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Organizing a class outing or looking for something a little bit different to do with your class that puts into practice a variety of skills within the school curriculum? We at Trails of Discovery are committed to making learning fun! Our Explorer packs and Trailblazer programmes are the perfect means of achieving this.

Suitable for KS2, KS3, KS4, scouts, guides and other youth groups, children will practice skills already acquired, learn new skills, explore and learn about a given location, and generally have fun!

With over 1200 Trails around the country, chances are there is one near you. Contact us to see if there is one close to your school or your planned trip  location.  Each option (see below) includes a Teacher’s Pack containing comprehensive instructions, a route map, risk assessment, answer sheets, score card and a suggested activity plan. Standard Explorer Pack An economical, enjoyable and educational way for your class to explore a location.

What better way for children to explore and learn about a location than to embark on a Treasure Trail adventure? Our Explorer Packs are great value and contain everything you need to get the most out of your day. Your group will not only take on a challenge, get some valuable exercise, practice a wide range of skills and learn… they will have a huge amount of fun in the process!

Standard Pack

An economical, enjoyable and educational way for your class to explore a location. You choose an existing Treasure Trail and we will send you 10 copies of the standard Trail booklet and a Teacher’s Pack.

Extended Pack

As ‘Standard’ pack, but we will customise the Trail booklet to include a back story relevant to your current topic, and extend the booklet by four pages to include a number of tasks and challenges appropriate to the age of your group.

Bespoke Pack

As ‘Extended’ pack, but we will create a Trail that explores your own neighbourhood, starting and finishing at your school.

As part of this package you will also receive an additional 50 Trails that your pupils, class, Parent Teachers’ Association and/or community can sell to re-coup costs or raise funds.

Looking for a unique and cost-effective activity to enliven your teaching schedule—one that will totally engage your children whist teaching them new skills and reinforcing skills already learned? Our Trailblazer programmes not only get minds and creative juices ticking over, they also encourage outdoor pursuits, research, teamwork and problem-solving.

Clue Writing

A full morning or afternoon workshop (three hours, including a break). Your class will firstly complete a mini-Trail set for them on school premises. We will then demonstrate the basics of clue creation and the children will be placed in groups and asked to develop their own clue plaques. The class will then regroup to come up with a storyline of their own creation to support the Trail. Finally, the class will do their own Trail, solving all the clues and therefore the mystery!

Trail Creation

A comprehensive Trail creation project that will be initiated in your classroom by Trails of Discovery and then facilitated by classroom staff for an hour or two each week until its completion.

We will come in to your school and facilitate a three hour workshop that will provide your class or group with sufficient skills to create their own professional Treasure Trail from scratch. Armed with a set of guidelines, the teacher will guide the class as they create the Trail over a pre-determined period of time. The class will research their Trail, choose a theme, devise a back story, map out the route, write concise directions and clues, and research the local area to find interesting snippets to include.

Upon completion of the project we will test the Trail and use our software to create the final product—which may then be used for fundraising purposes.

To find out more about any of the above services, please contact us.

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