Amazing New Woking Trails!

These two new Treasure Hunt Trails explore the town of Woking, Surrey. Read the blurbs below and click on the cover of your selected Trail to purchase. Be quick, we need your help…!

Woking – War of the Worlds

It seems that over a century after the classic, dark Victorian tale ‘War of the Worlds’ was written, fantasy may be about to turn into reality! The Home Office has been advised that hostile extraterrestrials have their sights set on Earth and are ready to land in or near Woking. We have intel that the only way to stop them is to release an alien-deterrent into the atmosphere – but we need the four-digit code to unlock the device! Can YOU solve the clues, crack the code and save the planet from havoc?

Woking – Town of Surprises

Can you outsm’art’ this crafty criminal? Woking is packed with larger than life, painted figures crafted by former Woking resident and renowned sculptor Sean Henry. But the community is in uproar after Sean’s newest piece, ‘Restless Woman’, has vanished before being unveiled! How was the mastermind even able to move the sculpture without being seen? Chief Inspector Will Gettem has drawn up a list of suspects – can YOU whittle down the list to reveal ‘whodunnit’?

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